Hello and welcome to my campaign journal. In this blog I shall chronicle the adventures of my players as their intrepid characters as they go through Wizards of the Coast’s Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 superadventure, The Red Hand of Doom.

We will be using the Eberron campaign setting, Keith Baker’s D&D world famous (or infamous) for its pulp action, lightning trains and living constructs.


Due to Eberron‘s unique style, I had to make adjustments to adapt the campaign to fit the world.

Here is my edited overworld map of Elsir Vale, the primary setting for most of the events in the campaign.


Spoiler areas have been edited out, and the lightning rail (red dotted line) has been added. The bordering areas are also indicated on the edges of the map.


We have six characters, but unfortunately, not all actually have names yet. The party is made up of:

Dwarf Crusader

Human Druid

Human Warblade/Bard

Human Artificer

Warforged Scout Rogue

Kalashtar Psion

As you can see, things are still rough. We’ll get around to the roleplaying stuff soon.


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